My Story

If you’re here, you’ve likely read some of my writing and are probably wondering, “Who the heck is this Jason Gutierrez guy?”

That’s a question I’m honestly asking myself almost every day. But for the sake of giving you something to chew on, here’s the best possible answer I could come up with…

I’m a pretty regular guy. I’m 28, engaged to a beautiful woman, a full-time engineer, and now a writer. My fiancé and I moved to Asheville, NC earlier this year (2017) after moving away from the god-awful traffic in Washington, DC.

It’s been a pretty crazy ride, to say the least. I grew up an active kid involved in many different sports. I loved playing video games. And I thoroughly enjoyed math and science (mostly because I was awesome at it).

Sometime during my senior year of high school, I developed pretty bad anxiety and a damn-near diagnosable case of hypochondria. I tried doctors and medicine. When that didn’t work, I tried alcohol and partying. That didn’t turn out too well either. In fact, it made things worse. I finally got my act together at the ripe age of about 22, when I stopped looking for a cure and instead started building one myself.

I took an honest look at my life and my daily habits – they sucked, to say the least. I started adopting a bunch of good habits, slowly became a healthier person, and started enjoying life a hell of a lot more.

While I’m not world famous, or a doctor, or the next LeBron James, I have certainly overcome some adversity in my life, and for that, I am extremely proud.

Here’s a short list of the things I’ve accomplished so far:

I realize that list isn’t massive, but the changes have netted me amazing results.

Now, my focus is on being the best damn husband I can be and creating a business around all the things I enjoy in life – which is why you’re now a part of my journey.

I’m not perfect. I’ve failed a ton. And I’m still learning. The Monk Life is where I share my stories, past experience, and knowledge in hopes of making a difference in others’ lives.

My only goal here is to make your life a little bit better, happier, and easier than mine.

Why “The Monk Life”?

I’ve always viewed monks as people who have it all together. Even with nothing, they have everything. Not an ounce of energy is wasted unless it is through deliberate action. It only made sense that I named this site in line with that theme.

The traditional monk lifestyle is rather extreme for me, as I enjoy my family, friends, and many other things Western civilization has to offer. My ideal life would be to find balance somewhere in the middle.

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